What Are Your Marketing Goals For 2014

Earlier this year I found a video on YouTube that was so inspiring, I decided to share it on my personal Facebook page. My good friend and creative mastermind Michael Barrett of Barrett Creative informed me that a lot of the voiceover work was from Les Brown – one of his favorite inspirational speakers.

As we get ready to head into a new year, I felt it was time to re-motivate myself, the Blue Lynx Marketing team, and hopefully our clients/partners as well. In this video, you can hear the incomprable Les Brown and others share quotes that are sure to motivate you to reach your 2014 goals.

Beating larger competitors in the world of internet marketing and keeping up with the rapid changes in technology is not easy. Nothing in life worth having is. I am convinced that hard work, consistency, creativity and passion will lead to success. Who’s ready for 2014! We are.

Now that you have watched this video, what are your marketing goals for 2014?