How Blue Lynx Used Google AdWords To Help An Independent Insurance Agency

When Black’s Insurance first called Blue Lynx Marketing, they were looking for some help in setting up a Facebook page for their business. As we do with all of our clients before taking on a project, we stepped back and looked at the whole picture of their existing marketing program. This helped us to develop a long term marketing strategy that would work within their budget. Although the Facebook page they thought they needed may have helped their business, we identified more critical issues in their online marketing plan.

The Marketing Challenge:

Even though Black’s Insurance had previously contracted with a firm in Tampa claiming to be “seo experts”, their existing website was not generating any leads…and barely any traffic. We conducted a technical on-page audit of the website and discovered errors that were hurting their chances of appearing the the search engine results. In addition, the copywriting was crafted for search engine robots…not prospective insurance customers. To complicate matters, the Tampa “seo company” overcharged for their non-deliverables and depleted much of the Black’s Insurance marketing budget.

The Blue Lynx Marketing Strategy:

After looking at the situation, we decided that we wanted to help Black’s Insurance and potentially build a long term business relationship with them. Our strategy was to build a simple search engine optimized WordPress site that would also allow us to gradually re-write the content and easily add new additional niche landing pages. These new niche specific landing pages that would serve 2 purposes.
1. Create a laser beam targeted Google AdWords campaign and
2. Capture some long tail keyword search opportunities we discovered thru our extensive keyword research.

The Tactical Execution of the Strategy:

We created an AdWords campaign with the goal of delivering positive results with just the first $100 Free Advertising Voucher supplied by Google and Blue Lynx Marketing. For an industry in which the average cost per click can be in the $13-$20 range, this meant we had no room for wasted clicks. As a result, we started the initial campaign extremely tight and decided we would modify the campaign based on any data we had drip in. We did not see a lot of activity the first few weeks but we learned from what we saw (and didn’t see) and made the proper adjustments.

The End Ongoing Result:

Once we were able to strategically broaden the campaign, we began seeing more impressions, more clicks, more leads and most importantly – more customers for Black’s Insurance. The campaign has grown from the initial $100 voucher to a legitimate campaign producing a steady stream of leads across different services the client has interest in marketing towards.

One more thing….

If you’re a Florida business owner, we highly encourage you to contact Black’s Insurance to see how they can help you with your commercial insurance needs. Black’s also serves the consumer looking to save money on their auto, homeowners, and life insurance policies.

UPDATE: As the post and video indicate, Black’s Insurance is growing and they have asked Blue Lynx Marketing to assist in helping to promote the fact they need an additional commercial agent. Qualified candidates should contact Brian Dozark at 813-752-5225.