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This Is Our Story

About Blue Lynx Marketing

Blue Lynx Marketing was started on July 16, 2008 amidst the great recession. As the world seemed to be falling apart we believed that small businesses needed good marketing services to weather the crisis. We saw the internet as a strong equalizer capable of empowering the smallest mom and pop companies to compete with the largest publicly traded corporations. Each client we added agreed and their success helped our business grow by word of mouth. To this day we still believe that our best investment is focusing on achieving success for every company that chooses Blue Lynx Marketing.

We realized in 2013 that we had to stop having “clients” and start working with “marketing partners”. To some it might seem like a change in label – to us it was a change in culture. We wanted to work with real business professionals who understood the value of what we provide and embraced the fact that we could handle all of their marketing needs in house. This allows them to pay a set fee per month based on achieving goals, without charging for each item like a “vendor” does for a “client”. As a testament to our marketing partnership, we never have 2 industry partners in the same geographic coverage area at a time.

By being smart, strategic and efficient with marketing dollars we know that the sky is the limit for marketing partners who want to compete and grow. Many creative agencies use their clients budgets to try and outspend their competition. We take the NINJA approach – where we have one Chinese star and have to attack multiple competitors. We act like it’s our money by guarding it carefully and celebrating each success. We don’t do fan fare, we don’t beat our chest, we just act on behalf of our partners to take marketshare from their competition. To us the most important thing is the satisfaction of our work creating continuous ROI for our partners.

We are full service creative agency with a team of career professionals who continuously work to perfect our individual disciplines. We use all of our knowledge and past experiences to drive sales for our clients on a daily basis. Website development, search engine optimization, pay per click search advertisement, re-targeting ads, video production, graphic development, content creation, event marketing and social media marketing are amongst the services we use to help our clients compete and grow. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach and we never watch the clock while we’re focusing on your success.

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What Makes Us Different?

We’re a full service Creative Agency that is focused on results. We measure everything from the words we use in your marketing materials to the layout of your website pages. And once we’ve tested every aspect of our action we plan we then execute that vision in house with our team of career professionals.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. We take the time to listen your goals, understand your current capabilities and suggest a marketing vision that will allow your company to be competitive in your current market. We creatively assess your budget and put emphasis on the aspects that lead to great ROI.


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Don’t Take Our Word For It

“We hired a web development/SEO firm and got no results. We called Blue Lynx Marketing to get a second opinion and they provided us with a detailed SEO audit which we used in successfully getting a partial refund from our prior vendor. Less than 2 months after hiring Blue Lynx, the new website generated a lead which converted to our largest client to date. The awarding company said they found us through Google and the website made a very favorable first impression. There’s no doubt Blue Lynx deserves an assist in us getting this very large customer.”

Brian Goline

“Blue Lynx Marketing and Barrett Creative have done it all for us! Website development, graphic design, video production, pay per click, and analytics. The marketing investment I have made with Blue Lynx is definitely money well invested. The numbers speak for themselves. I recommend this team to any business looking for results!”

Steve Mitchell

“I paid $3,500 for a website from a reputable company, that is well known for having “experience” in the healthcare sector. The website was hacked, never ranked in Google for the services I offer and the name of the website theme they used (vTheme) was still all over the website. Most importantly, the site never generated leads and I had time to meet with perspective clients within a day of them calling for information. Blue Lynx Marketing created a strategy and re-designed the website and content with a focus on conversions. I am now booked two months in advance.”

Angie Speller, LMHC
Owner and Clinician

What’s Your Value Proposition?

We ask every potential marketing partner this question before we move forward because, your clients deserve a detailed explanation as to why they should hire you instead of your competition. In come cases a company can immediately answer that question, and with others we have to help them have that epiphany. Either way these few sentences are the bedrock on which your marketing campaigns are built if we become your marketing partner.

Why Analyze and Measure?

If we’re going to be along for the ride, we’re gonna need a map. We need to know where you want to go so we can help you get there. We take the old adage “measure twice and cut once” extremely serious. We spend weeks understanding your competition, your market and your capabilities to devise a well thought out plan to ensure we meet your goals.

When should you be looking for Creative Agency?

When you’re at the point where you can hire an in house “marketing person” it’s probably time to start looking for a creative agency.

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