Our favorite YouTube Ad of the moment – Chatbooks

Chatbooks Viral Ad

This is absolutely brilliant!

As a single male with no children, I don’t relate to the target market but does it matter? It’s obvious the Chatbooks creative team nailed it. I only discovered this ad after a girl I know in Romania shared it on her Facebook page. You have to love the power of an exceptional advertisement that goes viral. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the famous Dollar Shave Club video campaign. Keep in mind DollarShaveClub’s campaign ultimately resulted in Unilever acquiring the small company for a cool Billion (with a B) dollar cash deal.

I love the flexibility and format of online video advertising. There’s no need to worry about condensing your message into a 30 second spot. You need 3:40 to get your story across? No problem. I actually once sat down and watched a 26 minute brand story on YouTube. There are very few limitations with the online video format.

Did I mention the targeting ability and affordability of online video ads?

Plus, when you create a winner like the creatives for Chatbooks did, you’ll get tons of free views through the social sharing aspect. Bravo to the team behind this one.

We’re excited to be launching our own international YouTube campaign in the next couple of weeks and are anticipating at least 450,000 views within the next 4 months (maybe even more). We’ll definitely be sharing the video and story in a future post but for now….enjoy this gem from Chatbooks.