Adjust Your Advertising Strategy During a Down Economy

I have been listening to Lakeland business owners who are understandably concerned with our economy.  Many small businesses have decided to reduce their marketing budgets and, in some cases, cut out their advertising altogether.  This is not a smart move.  Now, more than ever, is when you need to promote the value of your business.  Advertising should only be considered expensive when it stops producing a favorable return.  If you have reduced your advertising budget, or considering it, you may first want to consider this advice:

Reevaluate your current advertising campaigns by asking yourself these questions:

  • Am I tracking, measuring, and evaluating my current marketing efforts?
  • Do all of my ads include captivating headlines, compelling offers, and a call to action?
  • Am I strategically targeting the advertising message to the proper audience?
  • Do I keep my ads focused on one key benefit?  Too many benefits in a single ad can often confuse your audience.

Consider online marketing in which you can inexpensively test new headlines,offers, and markets without signing a long term contract.

In this 3 minute video provided by Google Seminars for Success, Stasia Holdren provides 3 key tips to consider regarding online advertising.

Advertising In A Down Economy

If you would like more information or help in setting up an internet advertising account (Google AdWords for example) or if you need help with creating effective landing pages, Blue Lynx Marketing is ready to help you.