The Blue Lynx Approach to Business Partnerships

We believe there is a significant difference between the terms “customers”, “clients” and “partners”. At Blue Lynx, we prefer “partners” over “clients”. “Partners” infers we are aligned with a common goal towards your success and will be working together as a team. “Customer / Vendor Relationship”? That doesn’t really do it for us. Do you honestly get a sense of alignment when you hear “client/vendor”.

We understand we’re not for everyone. We actually cherish this fact. The perfect partner for us has the mentality that Blue Lynx is as integral as an internal marketing department. This approach allows us to be selective and only work alongside those companies with whom we believe in, enjoy working with and want to support. The result is we bring 100% of our heart, passion and effort to help our new found friends reach the success we know they deserve.

Before any invoice is generated, you can rest assure that we’ll haven taken the time to properly understand your business and assessing your marketing needs. With a healthy line of communication, shared understanding and targeted goals your likelihood of success only increases. This approach also ensures that we’ll both initiate the engagement with strong confidence in working together for the long term.

The Blue Lynx team includes individuals and strategic partners who have successfully provided internet marketing, web development, event marketing, ad-buying, video production, and consulting services for clients of all sizes – including internationally recognized brands. Though some of this experience was initially fostered at large marketing firms, the best practices translate to any business that has the desire to be successful and grow.

Blue Lynx Marketing believes in proving its value and working towards a prolonged business partnership which is beneficial to all parties. Working together as partners every step of the way; we will be able to produce results that are greater than the sum of the parts.

Meet Your Marketing Team

Blue Lynx Marketing is made up of amazingly talented individuals and strategic partners.
We work together as a team with passion to deliver extraordinary service and measurable results!

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Why The Name “Blue Lynx”?

Aside from the play-on-words of blue links (think of the blue links found on search engines);  we named our organization in honor of the lynx cat. The lynx has some amazing characteristics that translate to our business.