Stefania Constantin

Online Marketing Consultant
Romania Team Manager

A Leader Focused On Your Measured Results

Born: 1993 (in Bucuresti, Romania)
Hometown: Constanța, Romania
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration In Foreign Languages, The Bucharest University Of Economic Studies; Bucuresti, Romania – Class of 2015
Interests: Long Walks, Reading, Poetry, Speaking Multiple Languages, Traveling and of course Internet Marketing.
Qualifications: Google Adwords Qualified Individual, Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Ștefania Constantin is an Online Marketing Consultant for Blue Lynx Marketing. She is the type of person that is always willing to learn, especially when the subject matter relates to fields she is strongly attracted to. Online Marketing represents one of the worlds that she has always been excited to explore. Initially her interest in the field was from an outside perspective but since joining the Blue Lynx Marketing team, she has quickly learned some of the intricacies of the subject and her passion for learning more continues to grow.

Stefania enjoys working within Google AdWords and passed her Fundamentals exam with a score of 96%. She enjoys the challenges and opportunities presented by both Search and Display campaigns and became a certified Google AdWords consultant when she passed the Advanced Search exam. She also passed her Advanced Exam and she became a Google AdWords Certified Individual. She also is a Google Analytics Certified Individual.

Stefania also puts a lot of attention to her formal education, The Bucharest University Of Economic Studies, where she has been studying Business Administration in English. She plans to eventually start her own business one day in the future. Stefania has a very broad knowledge across many different subject matters. She appreciates the value of her high school alma mater, Colegiul National “Grigore Moisil” Urziceni, as it represents the source of where most of her general culture knowledge comes from.

Besides Marketing, Stefania enjoys reading, listening to music and singing and, even though she does not consider sport as being a “walk in the park”, she really enjoys long walks in the park, in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.