It all starts with “Reason Why Advertising”

John E. Kennedy Reason Why Advertising

Earlier today I was speaking to Maria, a new trainee in our Bucuresti, Romania office. Maria is very anxious to start learning the skills of internet marketing. She immediately wanted to know WHAT exact tasks she could start with. I love her excitement and passion to start contributing to helping Blue Lynx deliver better results to clients. She is very anxious to learn HOW to optimize a website and set up a Google AdWords account. I explained to Maria that although learning and practicing skills in internet marketing are important, they’re hardly beneficial unless you understand WHY we’re doing them in the first place.

We believe all great marketing starts with the question “Why”. There is a reason why our fundamental view on advertising is based on John E. Kennedy’s classic “Reason Why Advertising“.

For Maria’s first assignment, I have asked her to watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and read John E. Kennedy’s masterpiece.