Growing Your Grooming Shop With Internet Marketing


We were recently asked to be a guest on the Grooming Unleashed podcast. In the podcast, Blue Lynx Marketing founder and CEO discussed a few concepts that can be applied to most small service based businesses – especially those that depend on client retention (ie Groomers, Beauticians, Barbers, etc).

The show topics with time stamps can be found below:

  • Introduction – About Kevin Alvarez and Blue Lynx Marketing: 0:00
  • How Much Do Groomers Spend on Advertising? 1:45
  • When Is It Time To Raise Prices or Scale? 3:00
  • What Is The Silver Bullet for Marketing? 6:00
  • How To Calculate Your Average Lifetime Value of Customer: 8:58
  • Importance of Getting Your Google My Business Listing Claimed and Optimized:19:39
  • How Your Customers Search (including Voice Search) & Why A Website Is Important: 29:40
  • 7 Reasons You Should At Least Have 1 Page Webite: 32:20
  • What Are “Long Tail Keywords” and How Can They Help You?: 40:02
  • Ideas To Help You With Client Retention and Engagement: 47:15
  • Why You Might Want To Consider Investing In Some Strategic Advertising: 53:56

The full podcast can be viewed on YouTube (embedded below) or you can listen on most popular podcast platforms including: Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes, RadioPublic, Podbean and

Resources Referenced In The Show

We plan to provide more in-depth information on these topics soon. The links below should provide you with a good start on some of the concepts discussed during the Grooming Unleashed Podcast.

Average Lifetime Customer Value Spreadsheet:

Note: You need a Google account to access. You will be prompted to make a copy of this document before you can use it. Click here to open your own copy.

Conducting Your Own SWOT Analysis

Starbucks as an Example (a short 4 minute video)

Email Service Providers We Recommend

MailChimp (if you have less than 2,000 subscribers)

Creating a Google Account

Ideally you will want to create a Brand Account for your Grooming Shop (see below). This will allow you to post YouTube videos as your brand and also allow other individuals (team members, agencies, etc) to post videos on your brand account without them needing to log into your personal Google account. You need an individual brand account first though.

If you do not have an individual Google account, please go to and click on the text link “create a new account” found under the name box.

If you have an existing individual account, here are Google’s guidelines to creating a brand account:

Claiming Your Google My Business Listing

Due to the fact that Google often changes the best practices for this, we are giving a direct link to Google’s suggestions on claiming your business listing.
PS: You probably have received robo-calls from companies claiming that you have not claimed your Google Listing. These are a scam.

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P.S. We would love to receive any feedback (positive or constructive) relating to the podcast. Our hope is to learn some of the common marketing challenges you and other groomers face. By learning this, we can create more valuable content that could help you. If there appears to be common challenges that we think we can help provide solutions for, then we may create customized service offerings to fill these specific needs.

Thanks again for listening to the podcast.

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