Diana Diaconeasa

Vice President Operations

A leader focused on Business Strategy, Legal Governance and Risk Management

A Leader Focused On Business Ethics

Born: 1993
Hometown: Bucharest, Romania
Education: Bachelor Degree with the University of Bucharest – Faculty of Law
Master of Laws – University of Bucharest – Business Law
Interests: Business Strategy, Consultancy, Optimization, Psychology
Qualifications: General Data Protection Regulation
Cambridge Advanced English
JLPT – Nihongo Noryoku Shiken – Japan Educational Exchanges Services

Hello, My name is Diana and I have been part of Blue Lynx Marketing since November 2018.
Since joining BLM I have tried and hopefully, succeeded in making sure BLM stays on track.
Our business has one goal in mind, and that is to make sure our business partners get the most added value while also providing them with measurable results. In order to achieve this goal, my primary responsibility is to take items off of Kevin’s plate so that he can primarily focus on marketing strategy, analysis and execution planning. My duties include making sure our operations are on track and efficient, taking care of payments, contract negotiations, project and resource management. I am fascinated with this business and am studying how we can better assist our partners identify and measure their OKR (Objectives and Key Results).

I have always been passionate about business, this being the reason I have opted for a Master’s Degree in Business Law.

My strongest suits would be the fact that I am driven by a win-win mindset, which, in this day and age is a cornerstone in business. I like fostering good business relationships, while keeping an eye on the mutual benefits.

I’m passionate about psychology, philosophy, ethics, economy and many more.

My goal within Blue Lynx Marketing is to make sure our business evolves in a nice, smooth way, while also ensuring that our business partners are 100% satisfied with the service and results we deliver.

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