Search Engine Optimization Agency

"...If there's anything SEO's can be assured of, its that things will change tomorrow, things will change next week."Rand Fishkin

Why Does Blue Lynx Offer SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization from Blue Lynx marketing works because it’s created from the ground-up! What we learn from you during the initial consultation and keyword research process is incorporated into the site via title tags, header tags, site architecture and even some basic content structure so that your site will be in the best position to rank well for a myriad of targeted keywords. After the campaign is launched Blue Lynx puts the process in high gear and spends every month monitoring and contouring the website to improve Search Engine Optimization and maintain prolonged dominance.

To achieve and maintain dominance in the rankings, your web pages need to consistently prove to the search engines that your pages are deserving of high rankings. This is done by continuing to prove that your page is the best resource for that specific search engine query. As more people reference and engage with your page, a message is sent to the search engines that the information on your page is of high quality. Google, Bing and Yahoo monitor their own search engine results page very closely in an effort to further optimize their service and ensure preference is continuously given to the most deserving page.

The Truth About SEO

SEO is so popular that companies are built on this one service. Know this – rankings vary by browser, user and location. Beware of SEO companies that are too keyword focused and know that ranking number one in few searches is not a symbol of success if the “clickers” don’t become “customers”. In some cases SEO it does work, but there are no guarantees and the practice doesn’t ensure higher sales or brand visibility. Highly ranked companies are usually evidence that their SEO is too targeted. For instance, if you rank #3 for “Tampa Auto Repair” it’s likely you won’t even show up if a person enters “Tampa Automotive Repair Shop”. SEO with most marketing companies forces you to know exactly how your customers speak and think – truth be told, if you could do that you wouldn’t need any marketing help at all!