Off-Page SEO / Digital Public Relations

"SEO is not just about the search engines. It's about the people who search"Ahfaz Ahmed

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SEO is much more than site audits, technical analysis and adjusting tags and keywords. Although Google’s exact ranking algorithm is unknown (even to Google), it is understood that “Off Page SEO” factors contribute more to your site’s ranking position than On Page SEO elements.

Off Page SEO aspects are more difficult to control as they primarily relate to authority, credibility and trust. These aspects require long term planning, creativity, authenticity and time. If not for these off-page factors, it would be too easy for a technically superior site with re-purposed junky content to outrank an authoritative site full of original quality content.

What are some examples of “Off Page” SEO ranking factors?

  • The age of your domain
  • How many people are talking about your brand
  • How many websites are willingly linking to your content because it is resourceful, insightful or entertaining?
  • Are credible sites linking to your content

In strict terms of rankings, the importance of Off Page SEO greatly depends on your business objectives and competitive landscape. However, we believe the real value of “Off Page” SEO extends well beyond the search engine ranking aspect. Improved rankings should be seen as a byproduct. A proper Off Page SEO plan is primarily based on improving the online visibility of your brand. This means that with or without Google improving your rankings, potential customers will be discovering your brand and message.

Creating quality content requires hard work and creativity to rank.

Creating high quality content requires hard work, creativity and commitment. While but it is necessary to We also encourage developing an amplification or promotion strategy before the content is produced.

Because most people put out mediocre content, the creation of quality content becomes an opportunity for you to get the customers your competitors are losing. When you create excellent content you will find that your search engine rankings will improve as well your conversions.