Gabriel "Randy" Barbu

Lead Developer Randy developing another custom WordPress site

A Web Developer Focused On Your Results

Born: 1989 (in Constanta, Romania)
Hometown: Constanța, Romania
Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, “Ovidius” University of Constanta , Romania
Hobbies: Art, Astronomy, Quantum Mechanics, Movies, Traveling, Esports and of course Programming.

Gabriel “Randy” Barbu is a web developer with 5 years’ experience specializing in WordPress and PHP. He has developed commercial custom themes and custom plugins. He has the ability to take a detailed Photoshop design of a site and turn it into a functional webpage. While many other developers depend on responsive frameworks as Bootstrap, Randy prefers to use custom breakpoints to make sure your site behaves well on all the huge array of screen sizes that are used today.

I like to always be in trend with all the new technologies in the coding community. Today I see web development not just being a cog in the business, but also express your business ease. Behind the beautiful page that you see, an ugly monster might hide. Well, I like to keep it clean.

When I’m not developing or reading articles about latest coding news, I like to draw, watch movies or esports competitions. I also like to read A LOT about astronomy and quantum mechanics, because my brain can’t really rest until it understands how everything works.

I also like animals, I currently have a cat and an aquarium. How do they get along you may ask? Well, it is a career secret.